Monday, January 9, 2012

No Poo Day 8

So since I added more baking soda and have started saturating my hair more things have been going well. I started with the recommended amount of baking soda and I was just using it on the crown of my head. Well that was not working for me. I may not have to go in to an office everyday but I do still go out in public and it was just to gross for that. So I now have 2TBS of baking soda in an 8oz container filled with water. I heat it up in the water that I use to wash my face (otherwise you are pouring cold water on your hair in a hot shower, not fun) and apply it all over my head and to the ends of my hair and then work it in and let it set though the rest of my shower and then rinse. Today my neighbor said that she could tell a little but it looked more like I had product in my hair, I can live with that. Hopefully over the next week it will still regulate a bit more but over all I am now pretty happy with it!! I will have to get a picture in the next day or so and post it!

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