Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monster Jeans!

I was over at my neighbor, Shelby's house the other day when she was folding clothes. Her son's jeans looked exactly the same as Connor's, wholy with a capitaly W! Well she had asked me if I had seen the monster jean pin. I hadn't so I hopped on home (not really, I walked) and got to looking for that pin. Well here is the original tutorial (Living Locurto), as you can see they did a whole mouth with teeth and eyes. Super cute! I showed it to Connor and he didn't want teeth, he thought that the fringey part looked like eyelashes and wanted just eyes, so when he was standing it looked like the monster was in his pants. Very 6 year old boy of him ;) He also was very specific on what color thread he wanted me to use. He wanted the color of his skin, this was as close to his skin as I could find in my stash, I also used some leftover felt from making their capes (tutorial found at georgia leigh, Erin, Megan and Robin you must check out her blog, you will love a certain part of it!!) he still wants the eyes to look blood shot so we have to add some red lines!
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Megan W said...

Those are awesome! I'll make sure to check out the site too :-)

Anonymous said...

"Bloodshot"?!?!!! What a funny guy!!!

sarahmmw said...

Well he didn't say "bloodshot" but he said that he wanted them to have red lines and as he was saying that he took his hands with fingers spread out and kind of scrapped them across his eyes ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the pants & checked out her website. LOVE the t-shirt she is wearing!!! Erin