Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Half of the Day's Food!


Milk, Toast and Cheesy Eggs

Mid Morning Snack

Water, Oranges, Cottage Cheese and 1/2 Slice of Bread


Water, Turkey Corn Mexican Lasagna (this was supposed to be a burrito but I used the corn tortillas and lets face it, they just don't wrap as well and then it just wasn't going well so I layered it all and made a "lasagna" !!! AND it looked better yesterday right out of the oven ;) )

So with Farrell's I have to eat SIX times a day, crazy right!?!?! Well I thought I would let you all see how my days are going. It's not little meals either. I feel like I eat a lot each time and yesterday was a bit overwhelming! I will have a snack when Connor gets home from school and then I will eat supper after I work out and then have a snack in the evening when the kiddos go to bed. Crazy huh? This is supposed to help my body get into "burn mode" I am supposed to eat 18grams of protein and 37grams of carbs at each meal. The only thing I have to limit is I get fruit once a day and nuts/peanut butter once a day, otherwise it's lots of protein and veggies!
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Anonymous said...

Turkey Corn Mexican Lasagna does look really good! Eating 6 meals a day is supposed to help boost your metabolism. I hope all is going well!! Love E